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Healthcare Technology Management – Effective Governance and Technology Planning

Healthcare Technology Management

The Healthcare Technology Management model can demonstrate the significant financial benefit of migrating fragmented equipment asset management structures, towards a centralised data set and budget model. With a greater focus required for clinical governance and patient safety, it has come paramount for NHS Trusts and Private Sector providers to have a robust medical device strategy.

MTS has worked alongside healthcare organisations to identify areas for improvement including centralised equipment procurement, correctly tracking and replacement planning of assets, identifying equipment wastage, centralising equipment maintenance contracts and looking at financial and operational efficiencies.

– Executive Reporting
– 5 Year Replacement Plans
– Audits of whole Hospitals
and Management of Data
– Key Performance Data
– Utilisation and Analysis for efficiencies

Effective Governance and Technology Planning

Clinical Engineering

MTS provides compliant maintenance and management services for a broad range of medical equipment the NHS and independent sectors. With a Team of highly competent and professional Engineers we provide:

– Planned Preventative Maintenance
– Reactive / Remedial Maintenance
and Repairs
– User Training
– Resilience to support scheduled
maintenance programmes
– Bed and Mattress Maintenance Services
– Equipment Libraries

Contract Maintenance
and Procurement

MTS is delivering projects that involve detailed reviews of the mix between in-house and externally maintained equipment contracts, providing the best solutions at an affordable cost. Efficiencies are to be made by reviewing the service level and content of the maintenance agreements, the quantity and diversity of agreements and the benefits of performance managing maintenance functions.

– Equipment Replacement Planning
– Service Contract Management
– Cost Improvement Programmes
– Utilisation
– Benchmarking
– Supplier Relationships (OEMS)

Governance and Compliance

Achieving and maintaining compliance with MHRA guidance and CQC outcomes should be an essential part of the Healthcare Technology Management strategy. Central to this is the provision of a robust medical device and equipment asset management strategy, is providing assurance that the organisation is CQC compliant. MTS develops Governance and Compliance Medical Device and operational policies that reflect the organisations strategic direction; reflecting best practice and compliance; giving assurance to the Executive Board.

– Compliance Audits
– Governance Audits
– Policy Implementation
– Statutory and Regulatory Reviews
and Implementation
– CQC Compliance
– Quality Assurance

Robust Governance and Regulation

Digital Transformation

We’re at the forefront of innovation in HTM, continuously looking at new technologies to understand how they can deliver against our customers’ needs.

Being part of Sodexo means first access to new innovations and best practice worldwide, with increasing investment in technology and data analytics. We’re continually investing in our experts to make sure we have a contemporary skillset that can deliver the most advanced medical technologies.

NHSX and ATOS have published their national programme to revolutionise and digitise the NHS as much as possible.

MTS is working with a number of NHS Trust to review how this might be implemented in terms of Medical Equipment and the development of new hospitals from the National Hospital Programme.

– Medical Device Connectivity
– ICT Integration
– Launch of RTLS and RFID Solutions
– Robotics
– A1
– Utilisation and Data

Integrating digital technology in healthcare to better support your people and your patients