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Cost & Service Improvement

MTS Health has a track record for delivering cost and service improvements. Typical areas involve reviewing equipment utilisation, service contract reviews, safety training, CQC Compliance, procurement methodologies and work flow analysis. Savings that are made are often used to support further initiatives leading to “invest to save” projects.

Equipment Utilisation
The development of a robust asset management database is integral to the ability to benchmark equipment utilisation. A robust solution for efficient utilisation involves the standardisation of equipment across the hospital, identifying potential excess equipment and utilising the hospital assets to their best use, in addition to developments in equipment library functions. The development of new advancing technologies also means that equipment together with software can demonstrate cost saving areas.
Service Contract Reviews
MTS is delivering projects that involve detailed reviews of the mix between in-house and externally maintained equipment contracts, providing the best solutions at an affordable cost. Efficiencies are to be made by reviewing the service level and content of the maintenance agreements, the quantity and diversity of agreements and the benefits of performance managing maintenance functions.
MTS has been operating equipment contracts since 1999 and has an Equipment Asset Management database for benchmarking costs for equipment and multiple equipment services. This can be used for a variety of needs including business case development. We have completed studies and reported on benchmarking projects that have identified alternative solutions to achieve buying gains for a hospital.