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Equipment Advisory

MTS Health specialises in whole lifecycle solutions for all medical and non-medical equipment related issues. We are the UK’s market leader in Managed Equipment Service Advisory (MES) and we also specialise in Business Case Planning and Options Appraisals. MTS Health has undertaken over 20 detailed Asset Surveys of Medical and non- Medical Equipment. With the current review of PFI’s, we have identified cost saving solutions for the Trust’s that have large MES Contracts.

Equipment Procurement
Since being founded in 1999, MTS has been undertaking Equipment Procurement projects for the NHS. Starting with the newly merged Lanarkshire NHS Trust involving two PFI’s, MTS procured and installed all the medical equipment valued then at £20m. Our procurement projects include Barts Health, Chelmsford and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals. MTS has saved over £1.5m from the original Trust budget at Barts Health and £400K from the Chelsea and Westminster budgets. This has been achieved by looking at framework pricing and negotiating better terms, quantities and utilisation of equipment and efficient project management tools. MTS uses Equip PM to plan and track all procurements including inventory and invoicing control from start to finish – always working alongside the client. MTS has also proudly won the prestigious BIFM2012 innovation in product design award that demonstrated greater work flow efficiencies for nursing.
Managed Equipment Service Advisory (MES)
Our Managed Equipment Advisory Service, is for Trusts who want to have predictability of fixed costs and guaranteed asset replacement on fixed cycles. MTS has been a leader since 1999 in advising NHS Trusts, working closely with Trust Finance Directors, legal teams, assessing the capabilities and performance of the market service providers.
PFI Contract Variations and Monitoring
Since 1999, a large number of PFI projects have included equipment in the main PFI contract. The average term for these equipment contracts is been between 15 and 30 years. The unitary payments associated with these contracts are now increasing and in line with trusts needing to fulfil their CIPS targets. The reviews of these contracts is vital. Areas for improvement that are typically identified are, equipment utilisation, inflation models and ensuring that the trust exercises proper performance management and control of the contract (demonstrated by our appointment at Lewisham NHS Trust and the Toshiba MES there). In all contracts that MTS have reviewed, there have been substantial cost savings and improvements in contract operation.
Due Diligence
MTS has undertaken full equipment asset audits for clients wishing to purchase whole hospitals or networks of clinical centres. This has involved teams of biomedical engineers assessing equipment lifecycles, values and state of repair to provide quick analysis of the potential medical and non-medical asset base. This has led to contacts to reengineer services and delivering savings. We have developed a robust data capture plan and synchronized teams ensuring large numbers of assets can be captured as quickly as possible.
Business Cases
We contribute to the development of robust business cases by including assessments on equipment, both accurate pricing, fit for purpose assessments, new technology advisory and budgets /money, logistics planning and detailed equipment responsibility matrices between the Trust and its potential service providers.
Healthcare Technology
MTS Health remains as the forefront of Healthcare Technology Advisory. It is imperative to our Healthcare provider clients that they have the right technology to support their clinical practices. MTS Health has a Director of Technical Services who oversees that the installation of new technologies is synchronised with our clients needs. Staying ahead and understanding new technologies is an important cornerstone of our services.