MTS Health | MTS launch their unique product of Compliance Assure

MTS launch their unique product of Compliance Assure

Our Compliance Assure toolkit allows MTS to work with you to develop and implement robust clinical technology management policies and strategies based on best practice.

This includes working collaboratively with your in-house teams to deliver best practice.

Our compliance and governance services provide your executive board with the reassurance that your Trust or facility is safe and fully compliant with regulations.

  • MHRA and CQC compliance audits
  • Reports and recommendations
  • Policy implementation
  • Statutory and regulatory reviews and implementation
  • Implementation of quality assurance systems
  • Benchmarking
  • National benchmarking (other organisations)
  • Data management with secure back-up

We provided a 360 review of the management of Medical Equipment and compliance status.

“Having an impartial view scrutinising compliance and operations at both trusts was invaluable during our post-merger transformation planning. The impartiality offered by MTS ensured there was no bias towards either site following our merger.The audit’s alignment with CQC Regulation15 and MHRA managing Medical Devices regulations also meant it was easy for nonexperts to understand each site’s compliance and any shortfalls.”

Director of Estates
Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust