MTS Health | MTS commissions the Equipment at London Nightingale

MTS commissions the Equipment at London Nightingale

MTS were proud to be able to support the London Nightingale in their quest to support the COVID-19 crisis. We arrived on day 3 and immediately managed the process to commission the equipment arriving from suppliers; hospitals and many other sources from around the UK. MTS put in the asset tagging system and brought in Avensys for specialist Ventilation expertise; together with managing and working alongside our industry colleagues from Althea who had been brought in by Royal Free NHS Trust (The commissioning Hospital).

MTS were managing up to 33 engineers whilst also liaising with the Army, Hospital Clinicians; Procurement; Project Teams and the Consumables personnel. We introduced a “Field Hospital” Governance Document within 3 days of being on site and then part-way worked in collaboration with Barts Health who were the “operational” Trust for the site. MTS was on site overall for 9 weeks and worked with the onsite Barts Health Clinical Engineering Team who were by then operationally active on the “red” side.

Every patient that was treated was considered a step in the right direction in the fight against this pandemic.

MTS went on to support the start up at Cardiff; Full Equipment Commissioning at Manchester and is now currently supporting BAM Construction at the Nightingale Exeter.

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