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MTS has completed a detailed RIBA 2 OBC Equipment Strategy and 5 Year Equipment Replacement Plan.

Working with the Trust COO to prepare all of the RIBA2 inputs for the trust, working collaboratively with the other Trust advisors such as the design team, clinical and non-clinical trust personnel, cost advisors, Programme and project managers.

MTS is prepared the detailed Equipment Bill of Quantities for the OBC alongside the schedule of accommodation development; creating the initial budget; bespoking the cost data to be Hillingdon specific. We worked collaboratively on the Trust Digital Transformation Strategy; whilst also developing the Trust’s 5 year equipment replacement plan for Business as Usual.

“MTS has provided The Hillingdon Hospitals Redevelopment Team with a thorough and detailed equipment strategy for its OBC submission; providing us with a concise preparation of the role technology and equipment is to play in our new facility. MTS worked collaboratively with the Trust’s other advisors, clinical experts and design team to provide detailed equipment schedules and a comprehensive overview of the equipment costs; playing a valuable role in the project.”

Chief Operating Officer – Hillingdon Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

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